Agenda 03/03/21

To: The Members of Mayfield Parish Council

You are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of Mayfield Parish Council to be held on Wednesday 3rd March 2021 at 7pm.  Due to Coronavirus, this meeting will be via Zoom.

Members of the public are welcome to join using the Zoom App and using this Meeting ID and Passcode.

Meeting ID:    82901739732         Passcode:    675323



03/21/1          To receive apologies for absence

03/21/2           Declaration of Interests

03/21/3           Public Speaking

                      Members of the public are welcome to attend. You may speak about             any item which is on the Agenda. The total time allowed is 10 minutes, so please be brief and to the point. Members of the Council will listen and do not have to respond to any comments made, although comments relating to Agenda items will be discussed at the relevant point in the meeting. During that Agenda item, further public participation cannot be permitted. There will be no debate or discussion between councillors and the public. A full copy of the policy for Public Participation at Parish Council Meetings can be made available from the Clerk on request. 

03/21/4        Approval and Ratification of the Minutes

       Meetings of January 6th and February 3rd (previously circulated) 

03/21/5        Finance & Administration

 ​          a)   Current Financial Statement

                    b)   Approval and Payment of Invoices                                      

03/21/6        Parish Councillor vacancies

​​Consideration of applications (previously circulated)

03/21/7Parish clerk/RFO

​​Interview and appointment process

03/21/8Three-year Corporate plan 

Initial discussion on process and parameters for public consultation

03/21/9Village Allotment – update

03/21/10 Planning Matters

                    a)   Best Practice in Planning – (previously circulated)

                     b)  Planning applications – (previously circulated)

​​       P/2020/01156 tree work, the Hermitage

​​       P/2021/00228 tree work Sunday Cottage – Sycamore

                            P/2021/00179 tree work Sunday Cottage – Maple

03/21/11Village correspondencea) Church Mayfield signage/noticeboards (previously circulated)b) Condition of local footpaths (previously circulated)c) Wallash leakage (previously circulated)d) Traffic issues – verbal update        

03/21/12Date of next meeting: Wednesday 7th April 2021